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Started in April 2021, Informed Bharat is a blog which helps in forming opinion regarding matters of importance (historical or contemporary) regarding India. We research data from authentic source, analyse them and provide unbiased and balanced views. Our readers standout in debates, discussions and contribute to betterment of society. If you like our articles, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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Was/Is it inevitable?

An excerpt from the book titled ‘Sapiens: A brief history of mankind’, which I liked the most and therefore sharing with you all: “The story of the luxury trap carries with it an important lesson. Humanity’s search for an easier life released immense forces of change that transformed the world in ways nobody envisioned or… Read More ›

‘MLA Sahab’ ki Tactics

Politics is about the mobilization of people. Most of our politicians, despite not having the best education are wonderful managers and event organizers.

Here is an anecdote.

Why Did We Go To B-Schools?

When last summer my father gave a few kilograms of ‘Black-eyed beans’ to my grandmother, she did not consume them rather sown them in her field. At end of the Kharif season, she had more than 40kgs of these beans. She returns to father way more than what he gave her also saved some for… Read More ›


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