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Contradictions play a major role in the transformation and movement of any civilization, society, or nation. Contradictions among what? It can be in between two ideas, between two adjacent nations on what they consider their rightful territorial boundaries (which can lead them to violent conflict), or between interests and beliefs of two communities (e.g. rich… Read More ›

How important is it to regulate Social Media Platforms?

Recently the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter have once again come into conflict with the Government of India (GOI). In February, GOI released new IT Rules, 2021, which made it essential for these social media platforms to opt for a larger grievance redressal mechanism, as per which these platforms have to appoint  A Resident… Read More ›

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Post-1948

If you have read our earlier article titled ‘Israel-Palestine Conflict: Pre-1948’ the you would know the historical background of Judaism and Christianity rivalry? Why Jerusalem is so special for Christians, Jews, and Muslims? How and why, Israel was created? What was the role of Britain in its creation? When Britain realized that it could not… Read More ›

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Pre-1948

Historical Background You will be amazed to know that that three prominent monotheism religions- Christianity, Judaism, and Islam trace their origin to a man named ‘Abraham’. Abraham is regarded highly in all three religions. Abraham was a native of the city Ur of Mesopotamia and it is believed that God asked him to found a… Read More ›


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