Are we Intelligent or Dumb?

The tens of thousands of years ago there were several human species living at the same time on the face of Earth for example Homo Erectus, Homo Neanderthal, Homo Sapiens, etc. just like any other animal and plant. Today for us it is naturally very hard to visualize such an Earth. Over a period of time, more efficient and smarter- Homo Sapiens defeated and killed other human species.

This action of Homo Sapiens seems very natural and instinctive and is well under the boundaries of natural laws. It was a fight for ‘Survival’.

‘Survival’ here meant gathering and eating food, eliminating threats to life, and reproducing to sustain the very species. Without any exception, this concept of ‘survival’ was also applicable to each and every other living being. However, over millennials definition of ‘Survival’ has profoundly changed for humans, however, remained the same for other living beings.

Unlike other living beings, we no more live just to gather and eat food safely and to sustain the human species. Does this mean we have broken natural laws and they are no more applicable to us? Is it even possible to break these laws? If we have done it, how did we do it?

Contrary to the above view, it seems like our definition of ‘Survival’ has never truly changed. Even in the 21st century, whatever we do is leading us back to basics i.e., gathering & eating food safely, and reproducing.

For example, a child is educated so that he/she can get a better job, which in turn provides money, which in turn will buy food and shelter (physical security), which in turn will make him/her marriageable, which in turn will sustain his/her bloodline at the micro-level and human specie at large.

This view makes me even more uncomfortable. No other living being made so many unnatural arrangements i.e., we created education, books, money, markets, trade, state, territorial boundaries, laws, political institutions, marriages, etc., just to fulfill these basic natural objectives.

Have we simplified things or over-complicated them? Can we survive without these unnatural arrangements? Are they inevitable? Why did they develop in the first place?

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  1. Agreed. This surely is a fresh perspective on the mundane.


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