All Eyes On UP Elections

Let me tell you an interesting fact, since Independence, India had in-total 15 Prime Ministers and out of them, 9 are from Uttar Pradesh (60%).

Moreover, not only Prime Ministers but also major religions like Jainism and Buddhism were founded in this region (referring to plains of Ganga), many prominent Hindu gods like Krishna and Rama, to name a few, trace their home to this land, larger Indian empires like Mauryan Empire, too, were founded on this land.

Is it merely a coincidence or there can be an explanation for it?

A possible explanation lies in the geography of this region. UP along with Bihar and Jharkhand is situated in the plains of Ganga, where land is highly suitable for agriculture due to easy availability of water (from river Ganga and its tributaries), large plain fields thus easily tillable, highly fertile soil (thanks to minerals brought by rivers from distant areas), suitable climate for many crops including rice (paddy), wheat, millets (jawar, bajra, ragi), sugarcane, etc.,

Therefore, this region was/is inhabited by relatively larger human populations.

As people of this region had fewer worries about their basic needs, therefore you see, people engaged themselves in other activities like education, singing, dancing, storytelling, and other economic, political, and recreational activities. Hence, the religions, God, goddesses, empires, mythological stories, etc., came into the picture.

UP has the highest population among all the states followed by Bihar (because of the same geographical reasons). Therefore, UP provides the highest number of MPs to parliament (which as per law is in proportion to population) and PM is the one who has the support of maximum MPs. Thus, UP has a big say in deciding who will be India’s PM.

Early next year, Uttar Pradesh will have its Legislative Assembly elections, no state election is so much crucial to political parties as of UP.

All because of its geography.

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