‘MLA Sahab’ ki Tactics

‘MLA Sahab’ In White Turban

Yesterday when I attended an event organized by our constituency’s MLA, I was mesmerized and astonished by the crowd. 1000+ people might have attended the event.

The objective of the event was to assess the grasp of ‘MLA Sahab’ on people and at the same time to demoralize the opponent forces.

In any case, the desirable outcome was to maximize the number of people attending the event.

Leaving aside the power-politics aspects to achieve the above goal, being a less public person while sitting at someplace, I tried to assess and decode a few structural and very subtle arrangements which ‘MLA Sahab’ made to attract a large number of people.

1.      Venue: The venue was a public place, in this case, a local temple. As this was not private property, people felt much comfortable even without a personal invitation.

Moreover, they also felt confident while bringing some more people along with them. They say “Chalo Mandir me MLA Sahab Ne Swamani Rkhi Hai”, thus, inviting more people.

As this was a local temple, people did not find difficulty in navigating it, therefore easier to reach.

Women also find it accessible and safer.

2.      Food: Tasty food always attracts us, right? Many people came just to eat food, as the timing was perfectly aligned with lunch hours, plus, around the temple there were fields and many people working there came for lunch.

3.      Music: It was like ‘cherry on top of the cake’, it positivize the whole environment, people were dancing and enjoying.

Moreover, it was local music (no Bollywood) in local accent and tune. Therefore, people felt like this event is being organized especially for them, hence attracting not only men but women and children too.

4.      Safa Ceremony: This was the only exclusive component of the whole event, the prominent, rich, and known people (who also got personal invitations) of society were honored by making them wear Safa (which is like a multicolor turban).

Safa Ceremony

It is a sign of mutual respect and declaration to all that you are close and important to ‘MLA Sahab’ and vice versa.

These people (Sarpanchs, local govt. administrators, and officials, party heads, businessmen, etc.,) did not come alone, but each brought 15-20 people along with them.

The presence of these ‘big people’ increased the awe towards ‘MLA Sahab’ of local people, further, proliferating his hold on people.

If marketing managers want to attract a large number of people in their product launch, brand promotion, and many more such event then they could learn a few tactics from our ‘MLA Sahab’.

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