Was/Is it inevitable?

An excerpt from the book titled ‘Sapiens: A brief history of mankind’, which I liked the most and therefore sharing with you all:

“The story of the luxury trap carries with it an important lesson. Humanity’s search for an easier life released immense forces of change that transformed the world in ways nobody envisioned or wanted.”

Let me briefly decode it for those who haven’t read the book.

Around 12000 years ago due to the rise in earth’s temperature, agriculture became possible.

Before agriculture got invented humans were hunter-gatherers, as they wander in the wilds, they use to eat different varieties of food, never the same kind of food for long, fulfilling all the requirements of the body.

Post agriculture we grew and consumed mostly the same type of staple food for example- wheat, rice, pulses, etc., and consumed for a very long duration, therefore, not fulfilling all the needs of the body, thus, giving birth to many diseases.

Thus, ‘Agriculture’ was a ‘luxury trap’ as it made our life comfortable, stable and secure, but at what cost?

Fast forward to 300 years ago before the present, when industrialization and the invention of the engine happen, which lead to the birth of motor vehicles, automated factories, and along with it rise of ‘consumerism’.

Before this people use to walk long distances on foot, produce goods and services using their bodies, and, in the process consuming all food they have eaten.

All these inventions made our life easier than ever before, but this time it not only made us physically weak and lazy rather it also led to environmental pollution, deforestation, climate change, etc.

Yet again, we fall into the ‘luxury trap’.

Presently, we live in an ‘internet world’ where we don’t even need to get out of bed to order/buy anything, further, making us even more lazy and weak and God knows what will be its compounded effect.

Are we again falling into the ‘luxury trap’? Every time humans do something better for themselves, they end up making things worse.

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